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Recognising that auto-glazing is now highly specialised and will continue in its complexity, a number of leading vehicle glazing employers have been developing a new Apprenticeship Standard for the next generation of Automotive Glazing Technicians. The Apprenticeship Trailblazers programme brings businesses together to determine new training standards applicable to their market. The automotive glazing Trailblazer group is co-ordinated by Essex Glass and Windscreens, in partnership with nine other businesses, representing more than 90% of all employees in the UK vehicle glazing sector.

Having discussed and debated the future direction of the auto-glazing profession and the rapidly advancing technologies, the Trailblazer group has published its employer consultation document which invites industry feedback on the new Apprenticeship Standard below. Responses must be received by 25 March 2016.

Please click on the link to download the questionnaire with details of how to return it:

Advanced Autoglazing Apprenticeship Standard Consultation


Apprenticeship Standard for Advanced Auto Glazing Technician

Occupation: Advanced Auto Glazing Technician

Overview of the role

An Advanced Auto Glazing Technician repairs and replaces windscreens in the full range of automotive vehicles on the road today. With advances in vehicle safety through Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) being integrated into the vehicle windscreen, the technician will need to have obtained a high level of technical knowledge on vehicle mechanical, electrical and trim systems and the relationship they have with the windscreen in the control of the vehicle. Advanced Auto Glazing Technicians will have gained a full understanding of business operations within the industry and their own role within the business to support excellent customer service. Technicians could be employed in a range of different situations including National Windscreen Companies, Independent Windscreen Companies, Body Repair Shops and Main Franchise Dealerships. Depending upon the complexity of the repair situation; they could be operating from a fully equipped workshop or a fully equipped service vehicle completing the repair replacement at the customer’s premises. Mobile technicians will need to have a clean driving licence and all technicians can expect to work some weekends.

The Advanced Auto Glazing Technician will be required to work independently but also as part of a team and will understand how their own organisation functions from a commercial perspective.   Possessing good customer handling skills and working on their own initiative the technician will be able to identify faults in automotive glazing, agree a repair option with the customer, identify and order the materials, schedule a time for the repair, install new glazing and recalibrate vehicle to manufacturers specifications before handing the vehicle back to the customer.

Entry Requirements

Individual employers will set the selection criteria for applicants to the industry. Whilst there are no specific entry requirements employers will be looking for candidates that can demonstrate manual dexterity combined with good customer service skills.


On successful completion of the programme, the technician will have the following capabilities:

Knowledge and understanding of:

  • Vehicle ADAS, mechanical electrical and trim systems including diagnostic and calibration
  • Auto glazing materials, their application and characteristics including windscreens, adhesives and trims
  • How the Autoglazing industry operates and their own contribution to the business objectives
  • The customer journey and how to provide good customer service
  • Customer relationship management systems, payment systems, stock control systems and other technologies used in the business operation
  • Health and Safety within the business and their own role

The ability to:

  • Diagnose faults in the vehicle ADAS system and windscreens using sensory methods and diagnostic equipment
  • Identify and order the correct Autoglazing products and materials to specifications
  • Remove and replace Autoglazing components on vehicles according to specifications
  • Set up, calibrate and test vehicle ADAS systems to specifications followingrepair
  • Organise their own work to meet the needs of the business and the customer
  • Communicate effectively with customers and colleagues to ensure that all information is obtained in identification of repair or activity so that it manages customer expectations and supports customer to a satisfactory repair outcome
  • Operate all systems involved in business operations including payment systems and adhere to company procedures by maintaining all records in order to provide efficient running of the business when doing so
  • Mentor inexperienced and junior staff when required
  • Manage customer expectations and provide excellent customer service at all times
  • Manage Health and Safety within the organisation including the safety of colleagues, customers and self
  • Provide risk assessments for each repair situation paying particular attention to special considerations regards to traffic management and hybrid vehicles


The soft skills and behaviours to achieve the following in the workplace:

  • Consistently demonstrate safe working practices at all times
  • Understand the importance of good customer service in line with organisations values and always apply these
  • Recognise that a high standard of workmanship is required at all times
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude to work through good time keeping, personal presentation and a diligence in their duties
  • Operate as an effective team member taking responsibility for their own actions
  • A willingness to learn new things and keep up with advances in technology
  • Understanding own role within the organisation to achieve desired company performance.
  • Understand own and company actions in relation to environmental sustainability



An Advanced Auto-Glazing Technician Apprenticeship would typically take two years to complete.


Employers who recruit candidates without Level 2 English and Maths must ensure that the candidate achieves this level prior to taking their endpoint assessment.


The Apprenticeship Standard is Level 3

Review date

The Apprenticeship Standard will be reviewed after 2 years due to the rapid advances in technology facing the sector currently.

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