Get to know your car tech ABC says ESW

Chances are your car has ABS (anti-lock braking) or ESC (electronic stability control) or other electronic features to help you safe but do you really know what they do? Advanced technology is increasingly standard equipment and driverless cars are already being tested. Are you ready to let an autonomous car drive you and your family?

With over 35 million vehicles on the road, more than ever, the number of collisions continues to rise. Last year there were 1,800 fatalities and reducing this number is a major focus for carmakers, which are introducing more sophisticated driver warning aids.

It’s time to bone up on your car’s technology says leading auto-glazing and SMART repair specialist, Essex SMART and Windscreens, based in South Woodham Ferrers in Essex. The latest vehicle acronym is ADAS, short for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, which uses windscreen-mounted cameras, radar and even lasers to monitor the road in all conditions. It might sound like the stuff of science fiction but it’s on our roads NOW!

ADAS controls systems such as Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and the motor industry predicts more than 40% of cars will be equipped by 2020. European road safety organisation, EuroNCAP will soon demand it for a 5-star rating and that’s critical for car manufacturers.

The recalibration of windscreen cameras is essential after any body or suspension repairs, wheel-alignment and even upgrading tyre sizes, not to mention windscreen replacement. Failure to reset cameras 100% correctly could put drivers and passengers at risk, as the ADAS may not work. It could even invalidate a warranty and pose a serious insurance problem.

Sister company to the Automotive Glazing Academy, Essex SMART and Windscreens is the first independent auto-glazing business in Essex to have invested in the specialist equipment to offer a professional ADAS calibration service to both private customers and the motor trade. Leon Charlton, director of the firm, which employs ten staff, says:

“If you drive a car, you need to be aware of ADAS. Even if your current car doesn’t have it, the chances are your next one will and it’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure the systems all work correctly. Because of their complexity, the cost of windscreens is increasing and some insurers may require a separate glass policy rather than have an excess clause. In time, when ADAS safety systems start to have a positive effect on collision prevention we would expect insurance premiums to reduce.”

To find out more about ADAS calibration, call Essex SMART and Windscreens FREE on 0800 1699773.

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