Auto-glazing national qualifications

If you’re interested in achieving auto-glazing qualifications to help with your career, the Automotive Glazing Academy can help.

A National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) is awarded to someone who has proven competence to do a job to a national standard. They are practically based qualifications, which are assessed in the workplace.

The Automotive Glazing Academy is the UK’s foremost training provider in the delivery of NVQ Level 2 and the Level 3 Standard in Automotive Glazing, having helped hundreds of technicians to achieve this recognised qualification, awarded by the Institute of the Motor Industry.

There are no entry requirements and you go at your own pace to fit in with your job.

Automotive Glazing Level 2         

The NVQ in Automotive Glazing involves on-the-job assessment and training.

Once registered with the Automotive Glazing Academy, an assessor will observe you doing particular tasks and assess your competence at them. A portfolio of evidence is compiled, which satisfies all the required practical modules of the qualification. Candidates must also undergo a number of online multiple-choice tests.

Typically, it takes around two years to achieve but this period can be reduced if all the evidence is presented and the tests are passed.

Auto-glazing apprenticeship opportunities with AGA
AGA is the leader in auto-glazing qualifications

To achieve an NVQ Level 2 in Automotive Glazing, candidates must provide evidence of competence in all 6 mandatory units listed below, plus 1 optional unit. Guidance on what evidence is acceptable is contained in the introduction to each unit and from AGA assessors.

Mandatory Units 

Unit 1     Maintain health and safety within the working environment

Unit 2     Contribute to the work of others

Unit 3     Provide assistance to customers during automotive glazing work

Unit 4     Prepare for work on vehicles

Unit 5     Install fixed automotive glazing components in vehicles

Unit 6     Install opening automotive glazing components in vehicles

Optional Units (choose 1 unit only)

Unit 7     Repair damaged windscreen glass in vehicles

Unit 8     Shape automotive glass for installation in vehicles

Benefits to the business

National qualifications in Automotive Glazing are part or fully funded by Government to help employers improve the skills of their workforce. This means it’s a highly cost effective means of training.

Feedback from employers suggests that national qualifications:

  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Show customers that their workforce is competent
  • Help secure contracts
  • Increase levels of staff motivation and loyalty and reduce costs of staff turnover
  • Provide better structured training
  • Reduce accidents
  • Demonstrate a commitment to quality and skills

The NVQ in Automotive Glazing satisfies the evidence of competency for British Standard BS10125.